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The SPCC is a small conference facility offering rental opportunities, historical tours, an array of activities for all ages, and a venue for friendly interactions and memorable experiences.

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Coffees that taste as good as they smell, teas that please, appealing appetizers, hearty meals, delicious desserts – all this and more at Paul’s Place Cafe!

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Whether you would like to worship God through Jesus Christ in English or Turkish, the St. Paul Union Church has opportunities for you. Visitors are warmly welcomed!

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Olive Grove proves to be a highlight each year for both young and old! It is an adventure holiday on an idyllic stretch of the Mediterranean coast. Come if you can – you’ll be glad you did!





MARCH 24 AT 19:30


“Christian and Jewish Limyra: Portrait of a Late Antique Lycian City”

Lecture by Mag. Dr. Martin Seyer

Martin Seyer was born in Vienna and did his undergraduate studies at Vienna University in classical archaeology and Egyptology. In 1991 he received his master’s degree and in 2001 his doctor’s degree, again from Vienna University. Dr. Seyer has extensive experience in archaeological excavations working at Carentum, Austria and Petra, Jordan, as well as at Limyra. Since 2005 hhe has served as the Director of “The Lycian Inscribed Monuments Project”; since 2007 he has been employed by the Austrian Archaeological Institute as the Director of the Austrian excavation at Limyra. In January 22-23, 2013 he organized a workshop in Vienna on “The Menorot of Limyra and Judaism in Asia Minor.” Dr. Seyer has written and edited many books and articles. When not working at Limyra, he lives in Vienna with his wife and son.





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